15 September 2014

Cabarete in Dominican republic!

domonican republic cabarete ultravioleta hotel atlantic ocean sunset travel blog anastasiia masiutkina анастасия масюткина доминиканская республика кабарете

This summer I’ve spent two weeks in Cabarete. It’s a small town in Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic. First time I’ve been in DR more then 10 years ago and it was the first island I saw. In my memories it was always one of the best but all this time I was thinking “it’s like this as it was really first islands in my life” so that time I was really exited to check my feeling towards it! From the first morning I decided to call this place “Wild paradise” as where else you can see wild …

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09 September 2014

Ksenia Schnaider #kseniaschnaider

ksenia schnaider ukrainian fashion designer trousers anastasiia masiutkina eat dress travel анастасия масюткина ксения шнайдер дизайнер rupert sunderson

It’s already not summer but it’s also not so deep autumn! So I really don’t feel like to jump into a long heavy wool coats.. The look of today is still light but make you feel comfortable with early September weather and the main thing is that it’s almost impossible for me to find trousers that will fit me immideatly – #kseniaschnaider one does! Ksenia Schnaider is Ukrainian fashion designer! And she was fully into fashion from her childhood while making clothes for herself and friends. She was studying in Kiev National University of Technologies and Design, Central Saint Martins …

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05 September 2014

Kite Club in Cabarete!

dominican republic cabarete kite club food kite lesson anastasiia masiutkina kite surfing eat dress travel доминиканская республика кабарете кайт серфинг анастасия масюткина

Kitesurfing is an integral part of the life in Cabarete! In summer the wind is very stable what is unbelievably important for Kiters Starting at 12pm and finishing at 6pm. In case you don’t like kitesurfing, during this 6h you can feel absolutely lonely since everyone, including even children, are either taking lessons, or already enjoying this amazing sport! The beach of Cabarete is long, around 6 km so there are a lot of places to do Kite! But the best one for me is “Kite Club”! It has quite a long history.. And I saw how the owners are taking …

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03 September 2014

Josh Goot top #look

ksenia shnaider trousers josh foot top sara battaglia eat dress travel blog anastasiia masiutkina анастасия масюткина

Josh Goot is an Australiаn fashion designer. He was studying Sydney’s University of Technology for Media art and Production but once he visited New York City he got realized that his talent could be better expressed through fashion design! First Collection by Josh Goot was presented in 2005. Gaphic sense, sport references, easy – these are the words to describe his style ❤️  I was wearing: Josh Goot top  Ksenia Schnaider trousers Sara Battaglia bag Rupert Sunderson shoes Zan zan sunglasses Special thanks to my friend photographer Natasha Ischenko and Boutique “Asthik”!  

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