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Let's check new accessories collection by Bulgari!
Like always I went to their presentation during Milan Fashion Week in Milan and did some pictures.
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Casadei spring-summer 2018 collection during #MFW
During Milan Fashion Week I've been invited to see new spring-summer 2018 collection by Casadei!
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Ikigai in Kiev
I love so much Japanese cuisine but in Italy it’s almost impossible to find fresh and tasty sushi! That’s why I’m always looking for the Japanese restaurants while traveling.
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Vintage by @streetstylevgenio
This autumn I'll start with my vintage coat! Actually it's almost new but it's around 15 years old. Also clothes sometimes need time to go out of the wardrobe. :)
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@kseniaschnaider by @aniabrudna
Denim is always in fashion but .. not the boring one! Ksenia Schnaider knows how to make it interesting and attractive! This time I made my look with the dress from her reworked denim line!
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