I would like to introduce you 5 bags with the heart! Sometimes you have the feeling that your perfect black bag (you’ve been looking for it for so long) feels lonely in the wardrobe and would like to have a friend! Something unusual and may be not for every day…

Red heart is something from the childhood! It was the moment in my life when all my stockings, leggings, T-shirts, notebooks and stickers were about ❤. And now it appears that in our so adult life we still can enjoy this sweet thing from the childhood!

1. Andres Gallardo

Andres Gallardo bag

2. Michele Chiocciolini

Michele Chiocciolini bag

3. YSL

YSL bag

4. Valentino

Valentino bag

5. Les Petits Joueurs

Les Petits Joueurs bag

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!