Girls, let’s talk about the question that’s always stuck in our mind: “Which lipstick looks good on me? :)”.
Specialists conditionally split all people into 4 different color types: fall, winter, summer and spring. Also mixed ones exist, but we’ll talk about that later.

A Winter Lady, is a girl with dark brown, black, charcoal, or dirty blond hair color, with bright skin; sometimes the tone can be darker, and if it does, it will have a more olive colored touch to it. Ladies with this kind of color tone have thick, beautiful brows. The color of their eyes can be green, blue, brown, but the color is always clear, without any impurities. There is also a very strong contrast between the apple in your eye and your sclera. The Ideal lipstick for the Winter look (remember, only cold shades!): dark maroon, cherry, plum or blueberry colored, cold tones of beige as well as red. I recommend: Inglot 516 or Kiko 605.

A female Summer look consists of a summer colored vibe, it’s also a bit cold, but not as harsh. Your hair is always going to have an ashy look to it, no matter what the color is going to be, brows also won’t be as thick as the winter look, your face color will look pale at times, sometimes having a pink cheek. Eyes are always going to have some grey, greyish blue, greyish green, The Summer color type needs to stay clear of bright lipstick colors. Saturated, but at the same time subdued lipstick tones are ideal, as well as nude shades, cold pink, and the color of a tea rose.I recommend: Givenchy 207, Inglot 26.

Fall type woman – red hair beauties with charmy sunspots^ bright eyes and warm skin tones. Thise type You can meet no so often and the ladies are very rememberable. Their colors are brown, coral, but not pink pallets. I recommend – Givenchy 308, ElizabethArden 12.

Spring-blonde girls with bright blue, green or brown eyes are going to have a warm tone on their skin, which tans very well on the sun. Their hair also has the tendency to burn out if exposed to the sun, which is going to give them that beautiful “Ombre” effect. Ideal tones are either corral, scarlet or warm shades of pink. Recommended lipsticks are: Guerlain 343, Giorgio Armani 300 (Pop).


Illustrated by Nasty Gry