If you fail to find a perfect pair of earrings – you can create them yourself. Looks like that is how Lera Guzema, a presenter for HD Fashion Channel, created her own jewelry brand. The global minimalistic trend perfectly fit her concept.

“The idea is very simple – clean lines are most importand. I love simple forms and comprehensive silhouettes.”


And if the concept of the brand came out naturally, finding a perfect name was not an easy virtue.

“You can’t even imagine how hard it was to come up with a name! I had so many variants, but it all came down to my last name eventually. And I don’t even know the origin of my family name.”


Guzema Jewelry create rings, earrings, chains and chokers. One of the latest products brand’s products are original and provocative lip rings. In a short period of time the brand fulfilled a seemingly impossible task in Ukraine. All the products are always in stock because it is allowed by the production. So clients don’t have to wait for their exquisite orders for months. The brand is working with precious metals only – white and yellow gold as well as silver.


“I test every new product and often have to take it to perfection. No matter how much time it takes, it is crucial for me for every product to be comfortable and practical.”


Naturally, many customers learn about the brand thanks to the owner’s professional network. The pieces go straight to the fashion-related people thus automatically receiving a trendy status. For instance, the rings with balls became recognizable after several digital media shots. As for the online, Lera’s pieces became popular after she launched her instagram page. Most posts are pictures from the brand’s campaign. That is why Lera doesn’t use Instagram filters. The brand distinguishes itself by means of professional touch-ups. Currently via Instagram the brand is sold only in Ukraine.


Give aways turned out to be the most efficient tools in the brand’s promotion. Lera choses the winner from those who reposted a picture using a certain hashtag. That’s how every subscriber has a chance to win an exclusive jewelry piece by the brand they follow.

Right now Lera herself is dealing with all business-related issues, and is actively looking for an assistant. The perfect option would be a brand manager who will be doing media communication and building the whole brand’s strategy.



Instagram: @guzema_jewelry