The Paris Fashion week, surely one of the most respected and loved weeks of them all in the fashion world has just ended. Fashion and makeup trends really mature after the show, and are followed throughout the season. As we analyze the most prominent Parisian shows, this is what we can draw from them:

– Glossy and transparent skin must be emphasized. Highlighters have to be used to their maximum capacity as moisturizers.
– Brows aren’t really that important, but make sure they look on point, natural and match your hair color.
– In terms of eyes, it’s trendy right now to have sky blue, lilac or pink shades, but next seasons look is sure to have a nice red blush as well. An alternative to this might be highlighting your lower eye with a pencil that has nude colored tone to it.
– Bright and futuristic eye lines are still on top; the color pallet right now includes tones of white, yellow and pink.
– Instead of countering your facial structure, a pearl blush is making its comeback to the world of makeup. Chanel recommends applying them to your inner eye crease, to really get that voluptuous effect.
– Nude lipstick tones are going to be great, as well berry colors and glitters, both should be applied to your lipstick routine.
– A night out makeup regiment is going to need to have viciously highlighted eyes, complimented with a dark black color, this could definitely be that alternative to the much appreciated smoky eyes look.

By knowing and following these newly set rules of the makeup game, you’ll definitely be ready for the start of the season!


Illustrated by Nasty Gry