This autumn entitles you to the most controversial combinations. The mix of prints, colors, textures and silhouettes is the most fascinating hobby for fashionistas who learned cleverly to set up a stylish puzzle of discordant pieces. How to make such a composition and not to play the wrong card? It is necessary to choose the bold items that are already masterpieces, made of patches. Such an example in your wardrobe can be Marques’ Almeida’s skirt. It has everything that trendy deconstruction requires: an asymmetrical cut, cotton blend with organza and a duo of two bright prints – gingham mini complements by the translucent layer of black organza with purple threads in a houndstooth-inspired pattern. We agree, it sounds unimaginable! But as you can see, it looks absolutely seamlessly, fresh and flirty.

Marques' Almeida skirt