Rosetta Getty is a fashion designer, who does not hide her passion for vintage clothes and love of such legendary women like Louise Bourgeois and Patti Smith, whose style was dictated not by fashion trends, but by their talent, intelligence and lifestyle. The new fashion icon of her Fall ’16 collection became another extraordinary person – a Belgian film-maker Chantal Akerman. So, simplicity, minimalism and clean lines, that are unique to Chantal on the screen and in life, are also visible in this top – one of the key items of the collection. Tight-fitting silhouette, long sleeve, uncompromising black color added with a twisted halterneck and cutouts that reveal just the right amount of skin for a decent girl. This is exactly the case when the piece will tell about you everything you want to tell around: you’re beautiful, smart, creative, active and rather strong – just for such women Rosetta Getty makes her clothes.

Rosetta Getty black top