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Lancôme Monsieur Big

Lancôme Monsieur Big line

Last May, Lancôme introduced three new products from the Monsieur Big line: Monsieur Big Volume Mascara, Monsieur Big Marker eyeliner and Monsieur Big Brow eyebrow pencil.

But I decided to write about them in September just at the beginning of fashion weeks and stylish fashion events! This set is just made for fall-winter 2017 make-up! Black eyeliner, thick black eyelashes are the features of a dramatic make-up this season.

Lancôme Monsieur Big line

I’ll start with Monsieur Big Volume Mascara. I liked this mascara a lot! It makes my eye makeup easier and give me a possibility to do it more often! Everything that Lancôme promises in theory turned out to be true in practice! Instant volume, length, separated and fully colored eyelashes plus a beautiful black shade. I really love the natural make-up and it’s very nice when someone looks at your eyes and asks “Do you color your eyelashes or it is their natural beauty?! #Love

Lancôme Monsieur Big Volume Mascara

Now let’s move on to the second product and it’s the Monsieur Big Marker eye-liner pen.

I really love eye flicks but my hand could not always make them perfect with a brush so I did it with the help of the Monsieur Big Marker eye-liner! The width of the flicks can be controlled and the shade does not melt off and smudge. I know that many people who are used to use brush-eyeliner do not feel comfortable with the marker eyeliner. But I’m almost sure that you will change your mind if you try it couple of times.

Lancôme Monsieur Big Marker eyeliner

But with the pencil for the eyebrow I had to work a little to understand how to apply it correctly. It is wide so it is not possible to fill the space between the hairs gently but on the other side there is a brush that makes an ideal feathering! So everything depends on your skill and Lancôme guarantees a stubborn.

Lancôme Monsieur Big Brow eyebrow pencil

New products by Lancôme

I love so much the new products by Lancôme! One month ago I received #magic box with innovative creams and first I decided to complete a course and only after to write about it and share my impressions.

The first jar is double-sided: #1 and #2. This is the most important part of this Visionnaire Crescendo course! Dual-phases liquid peel care should be used nightly for 28 days.

For the first 14 nights I applied Phase 1 formula and Phase 2 formula for the next 14 nights. This dual-phases procedure turns out to be softer and handier than ordinary scrubbing! And I’m completely happy with the result.

Renewal skin cells, fewer visible wrinkles, skin looks smoother and radiant – all of these I felt on my skin already during the phase #1. The main thing is to follow the rules and do not skip anything! 🙂

After applying Crescendo nightly I used to apply night cream Visionnaire Nuit and also it is necessary to apply a cream with at least SPF 15 at the daytime. So Visionnaire cream with SPF 20 was perfect for me. These creams are soft, aren’t sticky and well absorbedь #love
As I mentioned before – I really like new products in cosmetology, but most of all I like when they fully confirm their description in real life!
Lancôme ❤

My Everyday Light Facial Care

Skincare routine for the face! I‘d better not buying a pair of new shoes but effective creams and facial masks are a must-have in my beauty bag.

I have normal skin without any allergies or redness that’s why I won’t be able to say anything about some specific cosmetic products.

Here is my “classic” kit for normal skin which I take if I’m traveling (that’s why some of the tubes will be in miniatures: )).

Toning Lotion by Sisley, Foaming cleanser by Sisley, Face Cream by Sisley "Sisley Youth", Eye cream La Mer

I suppose that everyone is acquainted with the standard regime of skin-care: make-up remover + toner + facial cream + eye-cream. It’s important to know your type of skin and choose the appropriate cosmetics which will help you to look naturally beautiful for a long period!

I’ve been using Sisley, La Mer and Darphin for many years. These companies are developing constantly and every year they produce something new that’s why the skin won’t get used to their products!

I like to wash my face with foaming cleanser and the one by Sisley could not be better! I prefer soft toners without any alcohol in them and flowery toner for tender skin by Sisley has been in my beauty bag already for a long time!

I use Sisley Youth since it has been manufactured! It’s an innovative product that helps to keep my face fresh :)) despite of constant air flights and climate changes. Illuminating eye gel by La Mer is my best eye-cream ever but now I’m looking for its substitute as I have been using it for almost a year and I urgently have to change it into something else!

I rarely use mascara but if I do I take it off with the help of Bi-Facil makeup remover by Lancôme.

La Mer exfoliating treatment, Peeling by Darphin

Twice a week I have SPA evenings at home and then I use either a light peeling by Darphin or a light exfoliating scrub.

Purifying mask by Sisley

After my skin has been cleaned and dead cells have been exfoliated, my skin is ready for next and more profound cleaning, I then apply the cleansing mask by Darphin with white mud for about 10 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water afterwards.

Eye mask by Sisley, Eye mask by Darphin

The skin around the eyes is special and unfortunately the more cheerful the person is the bigger number of wrinkles there are. The following two masks are the most effective and the most favourite of mine. You can leave eye sorbet mask for the whole night as it absorbs and continues working during the night! Sisley mask though should be washed off in 10 minutes but the skin afterward is incredible!

Hydrating facial mask by Sisley, Black rose facial mask by Sisley

As a rule I apply eye mask at the same time as facial mask. I have lots of them but these two are my favourites!

It is possible to leave Express Flower Gel mask by Sisley for the night just take its leftovers off in the first fifteen minutes and just wash the face in the morning! Black rose mask should be washed off in 10-15 minutes. It nourishes and refreshes the face for 100 percent.
I will never get tired to remind that it is obligatory to drink about two litters of water every day, sleep full hours and walk on the fresh air and NEVER go to bed with makeup on!

Fast and light! Almost #noMakeup

When I was 16 I met one girl and she became my friend! Once I slept at her house and when I saw her in the kitchen next morning i couldn’t recognize her! It’s was completely different girl. I can’t say she was not beautiful, she was just very very different! So I didn’t recognize her without makeup. I realized she didn’t like the shape of her eyebrow, and she was trying to remove it in all possible way. With a pencil she was panting her ideal shape of eyebrow.
With same passion and energy that in the morning she was putting mascara, blush, and painting her eyes, in the evening before to go to sleep she was putting the same energy to remove all what she did in the morning.
At that moment, I started to imagine what could think the guy that wake up with her in the morning.
And nowadays, conturing and “heavy” makeup is not on fashion anymore, and the natural beauty #nomakeup is in trend. It is important to find cosmetic that will not change your face but will make your face look fresh and perfect.
I also love everything that is easy and quick to apply and to remove.

Number 1.
I don’t like anymore tonal creams, and for a long time I have been looking for a light cream that will not give a mask effect.
* B.B. Cream by Burberry is exactly what I look for, and I love that after it the skin look shine and fresh.
* Tinted Moisturizer Sisley, it feels like CC cream. It has a light texture and you can find it in many different shade variation. And, It smells nice!
Depending on my mood, I choose which one of the two to use. And if I haven’t slept enough and I need to correct something under my eyes ;)), I use Concealer Sisley that is very soft and doesn’t roll down.

Tinted Moisturizer by Sisley, Eye concealer by Sisley, B.B. Cream by Burberry

Number 2
Eyeshadows: long time I didn’t know how to use it. Shame on me. 🙂 The Dolce & Gabbana Cream Eyeshadow can be applied by finger, and that’s actually what I do!

Cream eyeshadow by Dolce&Gabbana

Number 3
Eyebrows is a different story. I had very beautiful eyebrows, but I was not very smart. During the fashion shootings, I always allowed the different make-up artist to fix it.
Now I really care about them, and I take care of each single hair. And dreaming to have only brow fixation gel but no 🙂
I have some gel tone and pencils, and these on the picture are my favorites.
The last two things I discover are pencil and fixation gel by Benefit.
Wunderbrau can be the only one that you need, if you know how to use it. It’s waterproof and fill the empty space between the hairs. It’s a great USA invention.
Mac gels are super easy to apply. If you are in a rush are the best and quickest solution. I don’t know why I made a picture of mascara here and not with eye shadows, but it’s happened 🙂
Lancôme Hypnose is the best mascara. The eyelashes look natural, long and the cream doesn’t dry inside of the little tube, so you can use it till it finish.

Gel for brows by Benefit, Brow pencil by Benefit, Brow set by M.A.C., Brow gel by Wunderbrow, Mascara by Lancome

Number 4
Powder. I use only when I really need it. But there are some moments when it is necessary (before to apply cream eye shadow on a the eyelid (that is a little oily because of cream) or when is hot and T-zone really need it). I choose Transparent Powder by Benefit, it’s very light and compact.
Blush is something that make your face look more fresh. It is important not to overuse it! Today I am choosing between Mac and Tint by Benefit, but I am still searching and I will write when I find something new.

"Blush all day" by M.A.C, Tint by Benefit, Invisible powder by Benefit

Number 5
Lipstick is my passion. I love red colors but only for the evening. During the day I prefer to have transparent and moisturizer to highlight the natural color. This year I discovered Juicy Shaker by Lancome. It’s a shaker that is mixing the pigment and oil. I really love their cushion applicator. #252 is a great color!
Wunderkiss is a transparent gel that make your lips looks MORE beautiful 🙂 and it works! 🙂
You can also use as a lipstick Tint by Benefit.

Chanel #104 Rouge Allure, M.A.C A54 RETRO MATTE, Wunderkiss Lip Plumping gloss, Burberry Military Red #109, Lancome juicy shaker Vanilla POP #252, Dolce&Gabbana Attractive Monica #140, YSL #401, Tint by Benefit

Number 6
Since many years I am using Fix+ by Mac to fix the makeup. Whenever I had makeup for shooting or shows, in every part of the world I have seen makeup artist having it in their cosmetic box.

Make up fix+ spray by M.A.C

And the most important thing in the makeup is to have happy eyes and beautiful smile!!!! :)))))

Cushion Blush Subtil

Cushion Blush is relatively new to the beauty market, but it’s really worth checking out. All of us have already tried powder, creamy and even water tint items for cheeks, but this “sponge-to-sponge” method is something really special, fresh and exciting!

Cushion Blush Subtil is definitely an intriguing product because of the light reflecting particles in its composition, that make the line of application absolutely invisible from all angles, even under all kinds of lights. You can also skip the use of a highlighter if you want to, with these blushes you can get the look of natural freshness on your face!
The product honestly lives up to its name, its indeed very subtil(subtle), both in its look and feeling! One other great thing about the Cushion Blush is the absence of that sticky feeling you usually get after application; there are a lot of creamy blushes that still give you that effect, and it’s honestly one of the worst characteristics of any make up item!

All the tones that come in Cushion Blush Subtil pallets are analogs of natural blushy skin tone types! Because of the “sponge-to-sponge” method you won’t have any trouble with the blending process! It’s just impossible to overuse the product with this kind of an applicator! If you’re looking to add some intensive color, like for an evening look, you can just put multiple layers and voila!
Let’s talk about some specifics and general feelings about magic Cushion. The blush itself is extremely gentle and has a light and tender surface. There are a lot of good things you can say about this product, but when you finally make that decision to add it to your arsenal, make sure to find a place for it in your everyday purse, because our persistence test showed us that you’re going to need to fix your cheeks during the day!


Illustrated by Nasty Gry

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