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1. Who is the client of your dreams and where do you think is the perfect place for your works?
At the place of a complete stranger. It’s an unexpectedly pleasant feeling to observe the most diverse people looking at your works. I discovered this feeling for myself during my first exhibition.

2. Who’s paintings do you have on the walls of your apartment or wish to have?
Now I am making repairmen at home, and my walls are absolutely empty and white. Even my own paintings are not hanging their now. Yet, as soon as this stage is over, I will put some paintings by Anton Karyuk and photos by Yulia Krivich. I also like photos by Misha Bochkarev: they depict Kyiv today. Their spirit is close to mine.

3. Tell us 3 main conditions that you consider to be the best for creating masterpiece ?
Inner solitude, honesty and freedom.

4. Which one of your works was sold out like the most expensive one? How much it was (if it’s not a secret:))?
It’s too early to speak about high honoraria, as I am a young artist. In the arts people are used to pay for the name first of all. Yet, in general, I am flattered to see that people want to have my works.

5. Did you take part in art exhibitions? Tell us about your most successful and respectable vernissages!
Participation in the project “Heritage” of the Voloshyns’ Gallery was a great experience. Especially, taking into account that the theme of the ecology to which the project was dedicated is very important, for me as well. I even want to continue developing in my creativity, and I also constantly find ideas about new works. Today I am especially interested in group exhibitions and residencies. Dialogue is very-very important.

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6. Your typical reaction on a critique from just-a-someone/ judge-of-art/ colleague-artist ?
Calmly and with understanding. Everybody has the right for their opinion.

7. Which things people don’t know about your art, but you would like them to know?
I worship spontaneity in creativity. No efforts and patience can lead to the desirable result if there is n energy coming from your inside. If the line is drawn for a long time, it dies. Unfortunately, art education subordinates this individual spontaneity in most cases. Yet, it is very important to keep it.

8. How social media influence the developing/ producing of your art?
Their influence is great. You can show your works even without leaving your house. Besides, I also like to roam the galleries via web sites and instagram.

9. What makes an artist commercially successful during his/her life?
Mathematic type of brain. I don’t have it, so I will entrust myself to a destiny.

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1. Dinner – is it a long process or just a snack for you?
It can be both. As for me, I prefer dinner, because t can follow into something more interesting.

2. Perfect dish in perfect place – what is it for you?
Cooked by the beloved man. The place depends on the circumstances.

3. Do you have some gastronomic tabus or limitations?
Actually, no. I try to eat less sugar substituting it with fruits.

4.Cuisine of which country do you prefer?
Lately it has been the oriental one – Chinese, Vietnamese etc.

5. The last restaurant/dish that really impressed you?
I don’t want to have any strict taboos. So, at every first opportunity I try new dishes at new places.

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1. Skirts or trousers?
Both. Yet, if I were to chose, – I prefer dresses. I feel myself more feminine in them.

2. Your Wardrobe Must have!
I can’t get rid of the habit to wear pajama clothes outside. So, let it be a sleeping gown.

3. Which part of your wardrobe will make every girl beautiful?
Education and self-esteem.

4. Three most favorite brands of you!
They are more numerous, but let’s say Calvin Klein, Acne Studios and Balenciaga.

5. The last piece that went to your wardrobe?!
A wide metal choker with chains. When I wear it I feel myself something like an Indian woman or a sadistic-masochistic heroine.

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1. You most favorite place in the world where you wish to be back!
I have just come back from Berlin and I am still impressed. This city is soaked with art and freedom. This is the place where I would like to work for some time. I also have proved for myself that the company is very important. I was travelling to Germany with my boyfriend. We were watching a lot of art, drinking wine on the bank of the Spree river, we were going for a walk down the night streets etc.. This has made Berlin several times brighter in my memory.

2. Did you count how many countries have you visited?
No, but now I have tried and failed)

3. Do you create during your travels ?
Why not, if the travel is long enough.

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Photo by Eva Tokarchuk